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However, you command immediate respect with your courage and your can-do attitude. However, many people will also be drawn to your magnetic personality, and opportunities for success seem to fling themselves at you. You are practical, and prefer to find happiness and success inside your present world rather than seeking fulfillment in change. You also place an extremely high value on the quality of your relationships, and invest a lot of energy in harmonious partnerships.

People with their First House in Taurus often develop excellent relationships with a tight-knit group of friends and family, as people find them comforting and calming to be around. Every day is a new beginning for the First House Gemini. You are the consummate free spirit. While the Tauruses and Capricorns around you might be telling you to settle down and stick with something, you know that you find the most happiness when experiencing the new and unknown.

Cancers in the First House are happiest when they are in a safe, secure environment, where they can be free to imagine and explore without fear. You are naturally nurturing, and feel a connection to the innocence and awe of childhood,which makes you a wonderful mother or caretaker.

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You may be shy, but your sensitive personality enables you to form unusually close bonds with your friends and loved ones. Cancers are extremely attached to their chosen life partners, and highly dedicated to cultivating happiness within the home. Outgoing and creative, Leos in the First House make great leaders. You want to stand out, and while you can sometimes come off as narcissistic, you genuinely want the people around you to succeed as much as you do. You can gain a lot of love by people that they can trust that your generosity is genuine.

People with their First House in Virgo are highly observant and practical. This can be a serious sticking point in relationships, if you happen to be with a flighty Gemini or a freedom-loving Aquarius. The balance between cooperation and competition is a tricky one for many people with their First House in Libra to strike. You are artistic and creative, but some people find you temperamental at times. You can mitigate this by focussing on the needs and feelings of others, and trusting that they will help take care of your needs in return.

Scorpios are fighters and warriors, and having Scorpio in your First House guarantees that you will fight, tooth and nail, for whatever you want or need in life.

Your Ascendant is Leo

Breezy, outgoing, and extroverted, people with Sagittarius in their First House find joy in independence, travel, and the great outdoors. Coupled with a willingness to take risks, you open yourself up to incredible opportunities, especially in business and romance. While some people might let these opportunities go, in favour of chasing new ones, you always know which paths to give up, and which ones to follow until the end. The urge to be retiring and timid is overwhelmed by ambition in Capricorns.

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More than any other sign, you are willing to put aside your fears for the greater good. Because of this, people respect you as an authority figure, and are always coming to you for advice. Pisces in the First House is a sensitive, imaginative, and wise sign.

When you were a child, you might have felt out-of-touch with your peers, and retreated into books, music, or art. As an adult, these experiences have formed a deeply romantic soul. You love with an almost religious passion, and are fulfilled by works that help the world. Find work either paid or volunteer that taps into your humanitarianism, and surround yourself with people who believe in it as strongly as you do.

This ascendant has been said to be linked to magical and mystical powers. Pluto is an intense, powerful planet, with an affinity for the psychic and supernatural. It can be a frightening or even somewhat dangerous planetary presence, if you shrink from it rather than embracing it. If you have Pluto in your first house, you are strong and independent, and more likely to harness fear than shrink from it — just remember, Stephen King has Pluto in the First House! You are eager to please, and find it difficult to get away from your emotions.

In Vedic Astrology Manglik Dosha is very famous. Therefore, the horoscopes of both boy and girl are matched before finalizing the proposal of marriage. This dosha may cause delay, hurdles, breaks, disputes and even divorce in the martial life of an individual.

Transit Planets

Followings are the results of Mars in difference houses of the chart. Strength, aspect, degree, debilitation and exaltation of Mars should also be considered before arriving at a final conclusion. Presence of Mars in first house makes him Manglik. He may face problems in his marital life. Spouse of such person should also be Manglik so that this dosha is cancelled and nullified to some extent.

These persons get hurt easily which may make their attitude aggressive creating further problems in life Mars in second house will make a native to use harsh and abusive language. Such a person should try to control his words and expressions which may become the cause of defame. This has also been observed that persons with Mars in second house get monetary assistance and help from his in-laws Third house is considered for courage and efforts.

Mars in this house will bless the native with courage and confidence. He would not be afraid of any circumstances and would try to find out the ways to come out of such situations with his own efforts Mars in fourth house may make native to use harsh language. He may have difference of opinions with his younger brother.

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Mars in this house makes a person Manglik which may also create problems in married life A strong and positive Mars in fifth house will make its native very energetic and active full of confidence and vigor. He likes to take risks in life. He may believe in pump and show and will feel very eager and proud in showing his materialistic possessions and comforts to the world Mars in 6th house makes a person full of vigor, energy and determination.

He is hard worker and sometimes works dynamically beyond his capacity to achieve the desired goal. Placement of Mars in sixth house indicates that his seniors may feel happy with him Seventh house belongs to married life and its pleasures. Mars here may makes a person impatient and violent which may have adverse effect on his married life relations. Mars in seventh house make the native Manglik. Mars here is also responsible for obstruction or delay in marriage Placement of Mars in eighth house of the chart is generally not considered favorable unless Mars is placed in its own sign or in exalted sign.

Mars presence in this house may give disturbed relations with spouse due to lack of understanding He will be lucky and may attain the high position particularly related to administration or sales management at early age The native who has Mars in tenth house earns lot of wealth due to his hard work. He may start from a lower rank but due to his hard work he soon achieves high position at his workplace. He will be more energetic at his workplace Native who has Mars in eleventh house will get success and progress in life with the help of his friend or social circle.

To achieve success in life, not only his hard work and efforts but the cooperation of others is also the criteria which he should understand Mars does not like dependency. So is the native with Mars in twelfth house. Twelfth also indicates loss of respect. He may have to face some false allegations in his life. Expenses will remain uncontrolled His prediction comprises of deep observation of houses, nature of planets, their position and strength in a horoscope. Remedies suggested by him are traditional and time tested comprising of mantra therapy, charity, pujas, offering prayers, gem and rudraksha therapy.

You may feel dullness in your family life due to lack of cooperation and understanding. Sometimes, you may notice that your harsh attitude is also responsible for such situation Professional front is favorable but over confidence should be avoided. Also you need to control your aggressive attitude to avoid any misunderstanding with the seniors at workplace Saturn is changing its Sign from 24th January Saturn will be transiting in Sagittarius Sign in the beginning of the year On 24th January , Saturn will move to Capricorn sign Mars will transit from 09th August to 25th September in Leo Sign.

In astrology, Mars indicates authority and strong longings. Intimate physical cravings of human beings are also governed by this planet This is the period you might be waiting for long time in your life. This transit of Jupiter will prove to be favorable for those who are born with Leo as their Moon Sign.

This is the time when you can get reward of your hard work This month could be considered a favorable month for financial gains. During this time, you are likely to make money in your trade and profession. Professional life will be generally satisfactory. Seniors and higher authorities will be supportive You may feel satisfied with the help of some influential person. Some auspicious ceremony may take place at home. Cooperation of spouse will be available but at the same time expenses may go high During this period, you will remain energetic but your aggressive attitude will be the main cause of problems in spoiling relations with others including with the closed ones.

As such, transit of Mars during this period will not give favorable results Aggression should be avoided during this month. This also applies when you deal with your spouse. You may feel restless and may experience lack of confidence.

You may also feel lack of interest in family matters Rahu will move to Gemini Sign and will remain there till 23rd September This transit will have generally mixed results except a few signs that will not get the desired results during this transit This is the month when you need to make cordial relations with others. Interaction with those around you will give positive results and will also help you to overcome aggression.

Family life may appear to be disturbing but married life Here predictions of each Sign for the year are based on the Moon Sign.

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Jupiter will be moving in Scorpio Sign throughout the year and will get progressive and retrograde for short time during it transit in the year Mainly, you will get the support of your family members but some misunderstanding with mother may develop. Children also may not understand your attitude. Spouse will be helpful. You may feel restless due to the reason beyond your control This transit of Jupiter will prove to be favorable for those who are born with Cancer as their Moon Sign.

This is the time when you can get reward of your hard work done in the past at your workplace. Promotion or higher position at professional front can be expected This is the time when you will get recognition and respect at your workplace due to your hard work done in the past. This situation will be encouraging for you to meet the new challenges. You should also be alert at your workplace as someone at workplace may plan against you Like past month, most of the planets are still moving in favorable houses and as such this month can also prove to be a favorable month for those who are born with Aquarius as their Moon Sign.

Like past month, professional front appears to be supportive Most of the planets are moving in favorable houses and as such this month can prove to be a favorable month for those who are born with Aquarius as their Moon Sign.

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